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What is School Homework?

School homework is the out of school work given by teachers to students to compliment work done in the school classroom. This out of school homework gives the teacher an insight into the students progress and the chance to make comments to the individual concerned, about the school homework done at home and make any corrections that are necessary.

Sometimes it might feel as if it is you, as the Parent, who needs  help in helping your child/children to get the most out of their school homework assignments. The benefits to the students are not always appreciated by them, but they help to develop such skills as time management, self discipline, learn how to follow instructions, and to do the research needed to complete their assignments with confidence.        

Home work gives the student the chance to show that they have learnt and understood what has been taught in the classroom, and have Good Study Habits so they can put it into practice in an unsupervised environment i.e. at home. The amount of homework given should be governed by the age of the students, it should never become a punishment and will only be of benefit to the students if given in the right amounts. Parental interest and help with their children’s home assignments is essential, it shows support for the child and for the school. Online help  for completing home assignments can be easily found on the internet and can be a great help in finding out or checking  spellings and pronunciation of new words and the  facts and figures for numerous subjects, it is a great research tool and should not be used as a copy and paste exercise to get over the assignment as quickly as possible because nothing will be learnt by doing that and it is probably illegal. This is one aspect that should be included in parental involvement where guidance on the use of internet resources is given to make certain assignments are of original content and not simply copied. Great Deals on School & Homeschool Curriculum There have been many studies conducted to demonstrate the benefits of children having to do work at home, both to compliment the lessons learned in the classroom at school and to develop an interest in learning on their own. These studies show, children who spend more time on doing regular assignments at home do much better in school than those who do not. Because of the lifestyles of parents and children, it sometimes seems as though children are being given too much homework. But because learning is more important than playing when it comes to future career choice it is well worth it to help your child gain as much as possible out of their school work and out of completing home assignments regularly.   If they have trouble completing assignments, you could sit with them and work a few examples together, to help them understand how it is done. Whatever you do,  DON’T do your children’s assignments for them, help them learn how to do it themselves. Help them learn how to ask questions to be able to do the research necessary. Get them to show you the teachers comments, so you can see any areas where they are having a problem.   Always remember, you and your child’s teachers both have the same aims with assignments—to help your child learn. If your child is having trouble completing the work set by the teacher to be done at home, ask for support from your child’s teachers both for yourself and your child thus making sure that your child gets as much as possible out of doing the work set by their teachers.

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